The Reid-Todd Chronicles

The things my babes utter is sometimes out of this world!  I keep a vase on the kitchen counter where I will write the crazy things they say or do on a scrap of paper, and throw it in there for the day I can finally scrap them 🙂  Here are some of those priceless jewels!

* March 22, 2008
Matthew says, “People who speak spanish can run really fast!” 

*March 21, 2008
Matthew tells me, “Mom when you and I get married, you will be my stepmother.”  hmmm 

* March 21, 2008
Emma was sitting on the floor with the tub of wipes.  I watched her pull her diaper leg open and wipe herself.  I asked her what she was doing, her response, “I’m wiping butt.”  Nice.

She has also taken to calling me Mel (or mail as she says it).  All my peeps have some major southern drawl or some sort of accent at this age.  Not sure where they get that but all three boys pronounced couch as “cayouch”.

*  March 20, 2008

At dinner Matthew looked at me and said, “Mom, Jesus is talking to me in my head.”  I replied, “Oh really?”  “Yes, he is telling me that tomorrow I will have pink eye!” he explained!   I couldn’t help but look at Aaron and chuckle.  I told Matthew, “Well, your medicine is telling me that you ARE going to go to school tomorrow.”  Nice try though, I have to give him credit for that 🙂 

 * January 28, 2008 9:10am 

Isaac says, “Mom I want my head to be cold, so I took my hood off.”  Um ok, frozen brain cells?  Have at it!

 * December 26, 2007

Isaac says, “Mom I want Emma to go pee on the big potty when she grows up, ya know?”  Then he followed it up with, “I want her to cook dinner when she grows up too.”

* February 23, 2007 

After I gave Matthew some vanilla soy milk, I asked him if he liked it.  His response, “Tastes like chicken!”  And every time we went through a drive-thru he would scream from the back, “I want chicken noodle soup!” for no reason!

* November 29, 2006

Isaac tells me, “you have a big butt.”

Same day, my two little boys threw both of our cats into the bath tub after they got out!

*Sept 9, 2005

Matthew was watching a nature show on tv where a bug was giving live birth.  He turned to me and asked, “Mom are those poop bugs?” 

* September 6, 2005

Matthew and Isaac kiss my very pg belly.  They tell Emma they love her and then Matthew says, “now Get OUT”.

* July 10, 2005

After evening chapel at family camp Matthew explained to all of us how we had, “sang songs about Jesus and dogs”. 

* February 4, 2005

Matthew was getting into trouble and turned around to me, put his fist in the air and in a low growly voice said, “I will fight YOU!”

* December 4, 2004

I caught Matthew squatting on the toilet seat to pee.  When I told him that’s not how we sit to go potty, he told me, “Go do the dishes!”.  

* May 25, 2004

Matthew kept telling me, “Poopoo on a Matthew” over and over.  It finally dawned on me that he wanted me to put Winnie the Pooh in the vcr for him.

* December 30, 2004

I told Matthew it was time for a nap so he ran from me.  I told him if he didn’t come right now he was going to get a spank, he looked at me and screamed, “NO FEAR!”  Ack!

* September 26, 2003

Matthew says, “I do for I love you”. 

* September 28, 2003

Chad asked his Dad how we knew Willy (our dog) was a boy.  He said Willy couldn’t tell us he was a boy, so how did we know?  He then asked if it was because of his short nails. 

* October 2, 2003

Chad told me earthquakes are caused by asteroids.

* Matthew says, “Poor baby, poor baby” when I clean the stitches on his nose 😦 

* August 25, 2003

We were at the park one evening when Chad hollers, “Hey Dad, bring testicles over here!”  He was referring to Matthew and had just heard some little girls saying that word.  He had no clue what it meant!

* July 24, 2002

Matthew was crying and Chad said, “I hope he doesn’t have a car disease”.  I told him that Matthew didn’t have a disease.  Chad then informed me, “He had a car disease once!  One the way to the beach.”  I had to explain to him the difference between a disease and getting sick. 

* July 19, 2002

Chad asked us if the paper factory in Albany was the building that makes clouds!

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  1. Mel, I LOVE the idea of a vase w/ memories! Goodness knows I never have time to write in their baby books nowadays. These are soooo precious and funny, thanks for sharing them. 🙂

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