Ok ladies, we all do it but we need to stop it. Stop comparing yourself to other women! We’re terrible about this aren’t we? We compare our bodies, voices, faces, mothering abilities, cooking skills, academics, finances, houses, cars, men, etc. You name it, we go through checks and balances in our head to see how we measure up with another female. I try to remember that everyone has some kind of junk in their lives that I wouldn’t personally want to take on, no matter how perfect they might seem. I challenge you to really get to know someone when you find yourself wishing you had her figure, financial situation, etc. I guarantee once you really delve into her life, you will think, “Ok maybe I’ll keep my life. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with THAT!”.

I know as a mom, I am always watching how other mothers handle things with their kids and how their kids behave. A mom who seems to have a ton of patience, sometimes I find her kids are the ones no one can stand to be around. Of course, the opposite is true too. The mom who is freaking out on her kids all the times often has bratty kids as well. The moms I do see who seem to have it together and have pleasant children are the ones I try to learn from! I too am totally guilty of watching another mom who isn’t doing such a great job and thinking to myself, “Wow, I guess I’m not doing that bad of a job”. My point is to let ALL of these moments teach you something. Glean from your experiences and make room for improvements. You can always learn something from someone else, whether it’s what to do or what not to do.

Remember, there will always be someone who is smarter, skinnier, prettier, happier, richer, and better than you. It’s how you choose to deal with it that matters. Instead of comparing next time you feel that voice creeping up on you, think about how you can learn from the circumstances you’re in.


Men Aren’t Idiots

Does anyone else get sick of seeing the shows and commercials that have men portrayed as ogreish morons? I can’t imagine that the men out there enjoy it. It’s offensive and stereotypical of neanderthals. I know that my husband doesn’t fit the media’s idea of men. He doesn’t come home, flop into his LazyBoy recliner while grunting, scratching, and drinking his beer. He doesn’t need me to speak for him or come along behind him and clean up after him or clean behind what he has cleaned. I’d love to see the media bring back the hard working, active man that can carry on an intelligent conversation with both his wife and his colleagues. If you too are tired of it, speak up. Send an email to the companies that are feeding this madness and tell them how you feel about it. Stand by your man and let the world know that not all women have an ax to grind against men and let the man-haters know they don’t represent us all. I for one am sick of it and I am raising 3 boys who I don’t want being inundated with this nonsense. If you are a mother of a boy, stand up for your son. Moms of girls, make sure your daughters understand that what the media portrays, is not how men really are.

Not only do I want to see the man-bashing stop but I want to see the nasty women who are constantly on man attack in shows go too. My daughter is not going to grow-up thinking it’s ok to treat anyone (and especially her husband) like what she might see. I guess it all boils down to respect. We need more of it in this world.