Here you’ll find my favorite recipes and sites. I love to cook and love to share good food with my loved ones!

New: 3/3/08

Nothing fancy but certainly easy, we love to have this kind of meal during the cold winter months.

1 head of cabbage chopped
several potatoes washed and cubed
1 kielbasa sliced
1/2 C or so of chicken broth
pepper to taste (I don’t usually salt because there is enough in the chicken broth, depending on what you use)

Layer into slow cooker. I usually dump potatoes on the bottom, then cabbage and then meat. If you put the cabbage on the bottom, it will over cook. Cook on low all day. Check your liquids to make sure this meal doesn’t go dry. you don’t want a lot of liquid but you also don’t want to run out and scorch it. FYI – your house will not smell super nice the day you cook this 🙂

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas – in the crockpot!

I know so man of you enjoy this recipe. Well, here’s an easy twist on it, put it all in the crockpot and let it simmer all day 🙂 Very yummy and you don’t have to do all the work of layering if you don’t feel like it!

2-3 Chicken breasts (yes, I put them in completely frozen!)
2 10oz cans cream of chicken or mushroom soup
1 pint sour cream
1 4oz can chopped green chilis (more if you like)
3/4 C chopped onion (optional)
3 C grated cheddar or monterey jack cheese

You can cut your corn tortillas into strips and throw them in the crock pot too. I usually just cook the sauce by dumping it all in and stirring it up. Then I serve it with tortilla chips! Very delish and super easy!

This was a huge hit and presents really well for company! It’s also really easy.

Taco Ring

3/4 lb ground beef
1 pkg taco seasonings
1 C shredded cheddar cheese
2 T water
2 (8oz) pkgs refrigerated crescent rolls
1 green bell pepper
1 C salsa
3 C shredded lettuce
1 chopped tomato
1/4 C onion chopped
1/2 C sliced olives
sour cream and guacamole for garnish

Brown beef and drain. Add taco seasonings, cheese, and water. Set aside. Roll out dough. Spoon filling onto the fat end of the crescent roll. Pull the corner across the top of the filling and tuck under the wide piece of dough, some filling should still be visible. Bake at 375 for 9-11 mins. Cut the top off the bell pepper in a zig-zag pattern, this is your salsa bowl. One a platter, place your bell pepper in the center, fill with salsa. Arrange your taco rolls around outside of the pepper. Mound lettuce, tomato, olives, onion etc around the bottom of the bell pepper, overlapping onto your rolls. Garnish with sour cream and guac and dig in!! YUM!! taco-ring.jpg

My kids love this granola recipe! It’s great for snacking or breakfast. You can even roll some ice cream in it and top with chocolate ice cream. For those of you NW gals, Winco has pretty much everything for this recipe in their bulk bins, making it very cheap!


Mix together 6 C rolled oats
1/2 C nuts (chopped)
1/2 C coconut (i use sweetened but doesn’t matter)
1/2 C wheat germ (I don’t add this because I don’t have it)
1/2 C powdered milk
1/2 C ground flax seed
2/3 C honey
2/3 melted butter or canola oil
1 t vanilla

I add natural almond butter to mine but didn’t measure so not sure how much (less than 1/2 C). Bake in two 9×13 glass pans. Stir every 3-5 min for 3-4 intervals.

Other options:
use Agave nectar in place of honey.

Blue Berry French Toast Casserole
12 slices of white bread w/o crust
2 (8oz) pkgs cream cheese
1 C blueberries frozen or fresh
12 eggs
2 C milk
1/3 c maple syrup

Cut bread into 1 inch cubes. Place half of bread in bottom of
greased 9×13 inch pan. Cut cream cheese into 1 inch cubes. Place
over bread in pan. Top with blueberries and the rest of the bread.
Beat eggs in bowl. Add milk and syrup to the eggs and mix well.
Pour over bread mixture. Cover and chill overnight (or at least 8
hours). Remove from refrigerator 30 mins before baking. Bake
covered at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Uncover and bake another 25-
30 minutes until golden brown and the center is set.

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  1. Yummm! i am going to have to try that Taco ring one, it looks very good.

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