Woohoo, who doesn’t love a freebie?  Again, I don’t suggest giving out your real email address.  Set up a yahoo, hotmail, or google email account for using in these kinds of deals.  Freebies are also another great way of getting some good coupons (walmart free samples don’t come with coupons).  BTW – I will NOT post any freebies that aren’t truly free.  If you have to jump through hoops for them or sign-up for something, I won’t post them.  I hate seeing a freebie and then realizing it’s not really “free”!

February 5, 2008

Airborne Pixies

Free Full Bag Of Chips!

Free Corazona Chips

Walmart Freebies:

Jergens Natural Looking Color Lotion 

Free Kotex Samples

Aqua Fresh Sample and Coupons

Free samples from walmart: 

Free Dove Haircare

Head & Shoulders


Poise for bladder control

More to come!  Check back frequently!


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  1. if you have a new baby or expecting try they also have some GREAT freebies for Breastfeeding moms and Formula feeding moms 🙂

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