Relaxing Weekend

Moms only! The results of our moms group weekend away, turns out we only had moms go this time! No nursing babies. That’s a first. I’m usually one of those moms with a boob monger going along 🙂 It’s weird to be into this new phase of life, where there are no babies at home! Anyway, we got away to gorgeous Sunriver Oregon where we were spoiled to stay in an unbelievable house with gigantic windows all around. We sat in the warm cozy home while watching the snow come down and swirl all over as the wind twirled it in circles. We enjoyed a late night in the hot tub with snow coming down on us. We watched girlie movies and just enjoyed visiting until the wee hours of the morning and then sleeping in, uninterrupted blissful sleep… What more could a mom ask for? The pass was snowy on the way home but chaining up wasn’t necessary and I was thankful for that. I have to say, I think Sunriver is one of the best places in Oregon to visit. It’s so peaceful and beautiful and there are tons of activities for everyone. Unless you are lucky enough to know someone with a home out there, it also comes with a nice price tag. I am looking forward to the time when we get to go back.


My New Favorite Movie

LOL Most of you know what it is already but Dan In Real Life is my new favorite movie of all time! I loved that it had 2 swear words in it and only a few minor suggestive things in it. You can’t find a good clean movie anymore for adults. This movie is all that and a bag of laughs! Steve Carell is in top form in this movie, a perfect comedic actor! I loved the original music in it as well and look forward to getting the sound track. I’m also excited to learn the song the two brothers sing together, “Let my love open the door” on my guitar. All in good time of course 🙂 If you’re looking for a fun movie that is sweet, check it out.

Double Ants

Matthew came in from the backyard today, telling me he saw a “double ant”. He said, “do you know what a double ant is? It’s when two ants walk around stuck together, then they are a double ant.” Then he ran back outside and turned around to run back in the house yelling, “I hate ants!” I asked, “Why, they won’t hurt you.” To which I was informed, “Yes, double ants CAN hurt you!” Okie dokie smokie 🙂 LOL watch out for double ants!

Men Aren’t Idiots

Does anyone else get sick of seeing the shows and commercials that have men portrayed as ogreish morons? I can’t imagine that the men out there enjoy it. It’s offensive and stereotypical of neanderthals. I know that my husband doesn’t fit the media’s idea of men. He doesn’t come home, flop into his LazyBoy recliner while grunting, scratching, and drinking his beer. He doesn’t need me to speak for him or come along behind him and clean up after him or clean behind what he has cleaned. I’d love to see the media bring back the hard working, active man that can carry on an intelligent conversation with both his wife and his colleagues. If you too are tired of it, speak up. Send an email to the companies that are feeding this madness and tell them how you feel about it. Stand by your man and let the world know that not all women have an ax to grind against men and let the man-haters know they don’t represent us all. I for one am sick of it and I am raising 3 boys who I don’t want being inundated with this nonsense. If you are a mother of a boy, stand up for your son. Moms of girls, make sure your daughters understand that what the media portrays, is not how men really are.

Not only do I want to see the man-bashing stop but I want to see the nasty women who are constantly on man attack in shows go too. My daughter is not going to grow-up thinking it’s ok to treat anyone (and especially her husband) like what she might see. I guess it all boils down to respect. We need more of it in this world.

Oregonians want it right!

Any fellow Oregonians tired of hearing the state’s name butchered on tv? Even Martha Stewart mispronounced our state name today on her show. Have they not ever met an Oregonian or are people from the East Coast really that dense? It is NOT Ore E Gone, the correct pronunciation is Ore ih gun. We would love to hear the rest of the world say it correctly 🙂 Try it, it’s not very hard! Ok, rant over. Carry on…

Name: Oregon
Phonetic Pronunciation: OR-ih-guhn

Beautiful Weekend

For all of us Oregonians! I hope everyone got to get out and enjoy the sun while it lasted! We had such a busy Saturday! Aaron went snowshoeing to get a little break before I leave him alone with all the kids this coming weekend for my retreat with my moms group. I felt bad on Saturday because I got everyone up and ready to go to the Oregon Gardens by 9am for an event that was free. Before we left I decided I should double check their website and wouldn’t you know it, the event I was wanting to take them to is THIS coming Saturday! Oops! So Aaron might take them for Earth Day instead. I’ve never been to The Oregon Gardens and it’s expensive to get in so free was right up my alley for price 🙂 So I took them all down to the mall and we shared some cinnabons and then went over the Gilbert House. After that, we came home and barbecued, gave the dog a bath, washed the van, mowed and edged the lawn, and played multiple games of two-square with Chad. It could not have been a more perfect day! I love when the weather is comfortable and in the 70’s like it was. As I type this, I look out my back door at rain coming down and our typical gray skies. Summer is only a hop, skip, and a jump away and we can’t wait!

Support this Cause

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