Picky or Spoiled

I was thinking about this today as I roamed through the cupboards and fridge looking for lunch. Nothing sounded appealing. I’m trying to be very careful about what I eat and how it affects my blood sugar but I find myself wanting foods that aren’t in my house. So am I picky or spoiled? I’m going with spoiled since I love lots of different kinds of food. So now I think I will focus on eating only because I need to meet nutritional needs and not because I am looking for a party in my mouth as Dr Phil would say. I am also trying to really scrimp on our expenses and when I look around at some of my favorite frugal websites and see some of the recipes they have posted, I realize I can easily cut our costs and make nutritious meals that do taste good. I don’t know about you but the economy DOES make me nervous. Especially when I see our gasoline bill go from about $40/week to $90/week when Aaron has to drive. It’s time to buckle down!


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