Another one bites the dust, yeah!  I think we have survived yet another round of the stomach crud (yes, I am knocking on wood now).  Today is the first day in 2 weeks that Chad hasn’t cried about going to school because he feels awful (yeah he inherited some drama queen genes from his mama).  Matthew woke up chipper and bounced off to school, excited to give his teacher, Miss Coy, a picture he’d drawn and written all over yesterday.  I felt like sending them both to school with a bottle of lysol and perhaps purchasing a bubble to put them in.  I’m sure I could find it on ebay, right?!  LOL

 Hopefully now we can move forward with the busy upcoming weekend!  Matthew is actually designing his Easter eggs on paper!  The boy never stops drawing.  He wakes up with the goal of drawing each day.  I think maybe I need to contact a copy shop and get some recycled paper for him, otherwise we may have to purchase our own forest to produce paper from.  He goes through a ridiculous amount of paper everyday!  I hope he’s not too disappointed when he realizes just how hard painting Easter eggs can be 🙂 

I hope everyone is having a great day and that none of you experience the puking thing that the kids are bringing home!  Spring is almost here!!  Yay!


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