1 Down!

One down and one to go (hopefully)!  We now have completed one layer of mudding and sanding.  After lunch Aaron and I are going to put the second coat of mud on.  Once that layer is dry, we sand it all again and hope and pray a 3rd layer won’t be necessary!   We are getting so close to being done and I am so excited!  Once this part is done, the rest is fairly easy.  Tiling the floor should only be a weekend job and then we can move in. 

On another note, I had to keep Matthew home from school today.  He woke up saying he still didn’t feel well, he looked like he didn’t feel well.  What cinched the deal was his eyes.  They are red and the skin around them is red and irritated.  I hope he doesn’t have pink eye.  They look a little better after some benadryl so I am hoping maybe he’s just having a reaction to the dust in the house from the sanding.  It’s killing me and he seems to be really sensitive like I am, so…


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