My Goodness!

We could use some prayers for health!   Chad and I parked it Friday on opposite couches, feeling pretty awful.  Poor kid missed his best friend’s birthday party and the school carnival that day.  Aaron took all the little ones and they had a great time.  Then Chad, Matthew, and Emma spent Saturday sick and throwing up (Emma’s second round of it).  Poor Matthew took it hard!  He’s pretty puny today.   ALL the kids are napping now, so it’s quiet here! 

We’re making progress in the new bedroom.  All of the first round of taping and mudding is done.  I did the entire ceiling myself  🙂  Yay me!  Mudding and taping a ceiling is hard.  Now we move on to sanding it all, mudding one more time, and sanding again.  Then we seal it, texture, and paint.  After that, all that is left to do is the tile floor!  It’s only taken almost a year to complete.  The utility room won’t be completed for a while.  That can wait, I just want the bedroom done. 

Once we move out of Emma’s room and move her into it, I still have to re-finish the antique dresser we bought her.  It never ends.  I won’t list any more projects because it does start to seem overwhelming.   Thankfully Aaron took tomorrow off so he can just work out there and get as much done as possible.  Which is good because we just have way too much going on these days to devote enough time to finishing this project.  The joys of owning a house 🙂


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