We’ve been doing Gleaners for a couple months now and it has been awesome!  We get so much food for such a low cost!  Here is some info on the one here in the Salem area:

Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program
Open Weds 1:30-5pm
Thurs 3:30-6:30pm
888 Monmouth Cutoff Rd Bldg E
Income Guidelines
Family Size       Gross Mo Income
1                 $1552
2                 $2082
3                 $2612
4                 $3142
Above 4 add $530/person
WVFAP has served the low income, elderly and handicapped since 1982 with foods, and household goods.  We are a non-profit organization and we are self-supporting through our nominal membership fees.
How It Works:
Each member contributes the following membership fees monthly: $34 for the first family member and $2 fore ach additional family member.  There is an annual $5 application fee.
How Often Can A Member Come In To Obtain Food?
A member may come into our warehouse one time each week (4 times a month) to shop.  Members choose the items they will use so there is no waste in our program. 
Food Stamps:
If you are receiving food stamps you are still eligible for our program.
What You Get:
Our products are donated by various merchants.
Some of the products we have are: Fresh producce, frozen foods, cereal, snack items, dry dinners, canned goods, juices, breads, pastries, and dairy products.  We also distribute household goods when available and pet food.  The amount you receive is based on family size.  On average a family of 4 receives about $500 a month in food. 

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