Drama and Myspace

I sometimes wonder if myspace is a good thing for everyone.  So much more drama has come into my life and others I know, through myspace.  It seems the silliness of highschool just continues when the same folks who were drama seekers, now have access to you again through myspace.  I’m also so surprised by the Jerry Springer lives that some live!  I know life can be messy and confusing, but dang, people!   What’s sad is watching some close friends make some really bad choices.  I still can’t wrap my mind around it all.  What we will be doing is praying that they will wake up and smell the coffee….


Spring Fever

Yeah, we’ve got it.  Spring break is officially over for us and we survived it.  We had every kind of weather this week.  We saw snowflakes almost every single day and lots of hail.  The kids love the hail and would rush to get their coats and shoes on each time to run outside into it!  We had a fun and busy week and are now ready for school!  We are really looking forward to some sunshine.  I hope it shows soon but no sun is typical of Oregon Spring break.  My friend Myia came down from  WA with her 3 girls and Matthew officially has a girlfriend 🙂  LOL

I am home from church today with Emma.  She’s got a yucky runny nose and her eyes are still pink 😦  poor girl. 


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For Runners Everywhere

Check out this great site if you love to run.


He is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

Easter Craziness!

We walked to the annual “city” Easter Egg hunt this morning, just barely.  My kids have been on a candy high all day, the meltdowns have just begun.  Then we headed to a egg hunt at the retirement center.  We arrived 10 mins early and just as we got there, they set the kids free so our kids were pretty disappointed because they pretty much missed it all.  I saw family after family show up with little ones ON TIME and watched them leave sad because they missed it due to the early start.  Why would they do that to all those little kids?  Anyway, I’ve been boiling eggs and after dinner we will start dying eggs.  It’s been beautiful outside today!  I wish the weather was going to stick around for Easter or even spring break but this is the valley afterall.  Oh and our water pump on the van started going out while we were out so Aaron’s off to shop for that.  Sigh…

Wishing you all a wonderful Resurrection Day!  Remember, Easter isn’t about the bunnies or the eggs but Christ’s resurrection. 


I received a most generous gift today, given generously from my children.  They are so precious to share their stomach bug with me!  Chad and Matthew are both home with pink eye too.  Today is my mom’s group too, so I had to make a bunch of phone calls to get everything covered, while feeling awful.  I guess I can be thankful to have Chad home to help me out today!  Off to lay on the couch and watch kid tv all day 🙂