The Senate Passed It!

Yay the senate has passed the bill to stimulate the economy!  Now if everything goes as planned, we’re heading to Disneyland!  That means no family camp this year.  I’m praying it happens for us.  We won’t tell the kids for a while and I’ve already “warned” Chad that we might not go to family camp this year.  He was pretty bummed about it but we can’t do both.  I don’t want to tell them too early, in case it doesn’t happen and so I’m not bombarded with questions for the next 9 months!   It will be hard at church with everyone asking if we’re going to camp, they are already asking us this!  Ok, off to deal with the sickies.

The Senate accord — reached after days of bickering and passed by 91-6 — keeps the House-passed rebate check amounts of $300 to $600 for people who have an income between $3,000 and $75,000, plus $300 per child.

Couples earning up to $150,000 would get $1,200.

But the plan also gives checks to more than 20 million Social Security beneficiaries and 250,000 handicapped veterans and their widows.


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This weekend was busy.  We’ve been in our house almost a year now (next month)!  Our bedroom and utility room will be done in the next few months, finally!   Taping and mudding starts tonight, that’ll be a tedious job.  Hopefully we can do it together once kiddos are in bed and make a dent in it quickly.  We’ll see. 

 Matthew’s finally over his sickness.  Poor kid was better Friday but not 100% and they had a field trip.  He said he fell asleep on the bus on the way back to school.  Poor little guy 😦 

Where did January go?  I can’t believe it’s February AND I am going to be 31 this month!  Time’s just flying by and my kids are getting big.  Amazing…

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Can You Imagine?!

Can you imagine not knowing what happened to your daughter for almost 3 years?  And to watch this man laugh when he talks about how she died and dumping her body off the boat?  It’s beyond words. 

Ex-Holloway suspect admits role in video


Today I resigned at church from being the social chair person, hospitality chair person, and GEMS (moms group) administrator.  Wow, that was a lot of responsibility for ONE person to carry for an entire year.  I LOVED the social chair and will hopefully still be allowed to plan the two events that I created and that everyone keeps asking me about; camp-out and family fun night.  We will see.   I will breathe slightly easier knowing I don’t have something coming up or something that’s going to be dumped on me last minute. 

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