12 Years and lots of changes

As I look back at the 12 years of marriage (March 1st), I can’t help but think of all we’ve been through, over, under, and around ūüôā¬† I remember the first time I met Aaron, sophmore year of highschool in biology class.¬† I remember he had my heart the moment he came into that classroom.¬† It took another year before either of us acted on our feelings and we went out.¬† That was 15 1/2 years ago that we met!

A little over 12 years ago we got engaged on Christmas morning and started planning an August wedding.¬† 2 weeks later we got the shock of our lives, we were going to be teen parents!¬† Yikes!¬† Odds were stacked against us of course.¬† I can’t explain all the emotions we went through for the first months of shock (ok well I got over the shock with in a matter of days but I don’t think Aaron or our parents did).¬† We moved the wedding up and I got to experience planning a wedding while pregnant.¬†¬†That was very exhausting and challenging but it turned out perfectly.¬† Now as I look at my almost 12 year old boy, I cannot imagine not having him in my life.¬† I also realize now, that the fact that we were teens when we had him, means nothing now.¬† We’re just parents and no one cares anymore.¬† I didn’t realize that stigma wouldn’t be¬†hanging over us¬†forever.¬†¬†

Now we have 4 kids and our own home and our marriage is still strong.¬† We’ve experienced a lot along the way; financial struggles, deaths of loved ones (both family and friends), ER visits, surgeries, stitches, concussions, vacations, road trips, lots of moving, and lots of positive lifestyle changes.¬†

I know we’re lucky, I know I AM!¬† I am not sure sometimes how I got so lucky to have such a good man.¬† He cooks, cleans, is actively involved with his children EVERY day, is kind, loving, helpful, and selfless.¬† The Lord has been good to us.¬† I know I am undeserving of it and yet,¬†The Lord¬†continues to give more.¬† This is our song: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2Y4NTXT96EM¬†

Take some time today to be thankful for all you’ve been given, the good and the bad.¬† I know I forget sometimes just how blessed I am and focus too much on the things that stink.¬† Life isn’t meant to be perfect here on earth.¬† This will not last forever and someday we will see glory!¬† Hug your kids when they are being naughty and remember this is where memories and good stories come from!¬† – Remind me I said this the next time Matthew does something crazy!¬† LOL¬†

Have a great day!