Oregon Right To Life

Fighting for unborn babies in Oregon!  Ever wonder where Oregon stands on abortion?  Do you need to learn more about abortion and partial birth abortions?  Want some really interesting FACTS on embryonic stem cell research?  Did you know that embryonic stem cell research has produced NO new successful treatments for diseases but adult stem cell research has been successful with many!  No unborn children had to die for adult stem cell research!  Learn more and check out what else they are  up to:

Oregon Right to Life

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Stand Up Girl!

* This subject doesn’t fall under the things I mentioned in my previous blog, that shouldn’t be argued about.  Everyone deserves to have life and be protected and it starts at conception.  Our government has the responsibility to protect all lives, that includes those unborn.  A people’s a people, no matter how small.


Mom vs Mom

Why as mothers, do we do this to ourselves?  The mom vs mom thing gets so old.  In the past 6 years I’ve had the priviledge of joining and interacting with lots of online mom groups (and of course those IRL) and I have seen first hand how judgmental we are with one another.  I won’t say I haven’t done the judging myself!  The difference between the moms I interact with in the real world and online seems to be that when you are conversing in person, there seems to be a comradre and even if we don’t agree, very seldom does it turn into bashing or full on war! 

Do we really think that we are going to change another mother’s mind about breastfeeding, diapers, co-sleeping or not, crying it out, babywearing, allergies, or any other touchy subject by ripping the mom a new one?  I know it doesn’t work for me, it makes me more stubborn in how I feel. 

Don’t we all base our childrearing on OUR personal experiences?  What works for my family and kids, may  not work for someone else.  It’s hard to take off the boxing gloves online, you can hide behind your computer and never have to see the other person’s face nor will you know if you hurt their feelings.  Oh and I’m totally guilty too, I’ve done it! 

As my kids get older and I have more experience under my belt as a mom, I realize that none of that stuff even matters!  If there is child abuse going on, that’s a totally different thing but as long as parents are loving their kids and providing for their needs, we need to step back and let them do what works best for them, even if we don’t agree with it.

 Let’s start with breast vs bottle.  This is where the heavy duty gloves get put on and you better have a mouth guard in if you plan on participating in this “discussion”.   I bf all four of my kids.  My experience says it is what worked best for our family.  Do you want to know one of the top reasons for me?  MONEY!  Yep, it’s free, so that’s of course the route I took as a bargain hunting mom. 

Chad is my only one who had formula through out his first year because I worked part time and it was just simpler.  He was also my sickest kid.  He always had an ear infection and this went on until he was 4 years old!  Do I think the formula played a part in that?  I don’t really know.  I do think genetics had some play in it but I won’t blame it all on formula.  I’ve known far too many bfing moms who’ve had sick kids and vice versa.  Did I love the bond I got with my kids, you bet?  Do I think I could have had such a bond bottle feeding, yeah I honestly do.  Would it have been nice to give them a bottle once in a while to get a break, um yeah!  I don’t regret my decision but I also don’t think that my way is the only way. 

Does it matter now that we’re out of that stage of life?  Nope!  Do my kids care that I bf vs bottle?  Nope.  I don’t think they are more or less likely to grow up criminal master minds either.  Will they be smarter?  Well, only if I provide them with the educational tools they need to become intelligent, otherwise, no I don’t believe they will be smarter by osmosis or because I bf.  So as long as a baby is being fed and is growing, butt out.  If a mom asks a question, handle her like you would if you were face to face with her, kindly and with some compassion and thought. 

I know I am an oddball when it comes to co-sleeping and cry it out.  I do both.  My babies sleep with me until they are 9-12 mos old.  It’s how I get enough sleep to function, w/o hurting myself or someone else.  I know enough about myself to know that I HAVE to sleep or bad things could happen.  They sleep in their cribs at nap time but with us at night.  Then they graduate to the crib at night. 

That’s when CIO comes into play.  Does it suck?  Yes, I hate listening to my baby cry as much as the next guy, however I know they need to learn to put themselves to sleep.  I’m not cruel about it, we don’t let them scream for hours and hours.  We go in and comfort (w/o picking them up) and lay them back down, over and over.  No matter how long it takes.  W/i a few days, they have it down and go right to sleep.  I know it works, I’ve done it 4 times now.  If someone else wants to get their kids to sleep in another fashion, have at it!  What ever works for you is great!  I don’t have the patience or the ability to go with a huge lack of sleep, so this is how things work best for us.  I now have 4 kids who all sleep through the night and go to bed when we lay them down and turn the light off.  Even today, if Emma is sick and wakes in the middle of the night, depending on how tired I am, I will lay her back down or sometimes I just bring her to bed with me.  My kids aren’t scarred for life from CIO. 

Those are just two of the areas I see get duked out online, over and over again.  IRL my friends and I share what worked for us but we never lecture or get upset with someone because they chose not to bf or what ever.  Sometimes there’s a frustration with the lack of discipline with some of our friend’s kids but again, you can’t really say anything w/o messing up that relationship. 

Maybe someday the cops will be asking if inmates were breasfed or not.  Would be an interesting poll 🙂 LOL  Of course, how accurate it would be from dishonest cellmates is another story. 

Chill out, let moms be moms.  If it’s not affecting your kids or harming anyone, who cares!  Let it go.  If a child’s being harmed, then I say that is worthy of war!  Realize that someday, we’ll all have grown children and they are going to have issues with how we raised them.  They’ll be more concerned with whether their basic needs were met and that you loved them, than with such trivial things as what you did during babyhood.  It all comes down to the relationship and if you don’t have that, you’ll never be able to force it.  I can just see a few moms saying, “I bf you!  You OWE me!”  LOL 🙂

Is It a Choice or a Feeling?

Is love a choice or a feeling?  Maybe a magical bit of both?  Should we always go off of how we feel?  These questions have been on my mind lately.  What do you think? 

I think it sometimes depends on where we are and what we’re dealing with in life.  Somedays we may have to choose to love someone because we don’t really feel it at the moment.  I know there are times my husband bugs the snot out of me and I have to remind myself to be loving to him.  I’m certain he feels the same way about me, maybe even more often 🙂  I want to remember to choose to love him everyday.  I want my kids to remember how we treated each other and want to mimick it someday.  I know they are watching, all the time.  The pressure’s on 🙂

12 Years and lots of changes

As I look back at the 12 years of marriage (March 1st), I can’t help but think of all we’ve been through, over, under, and around 🙂  I remember the first time I met Aaron, sophmore year of highschool in biology class.  I remember he had my heart the moment he came into that classroom.  It took another year before either of us acted on our feelings and we went out.  That was 15 1/2 years ago that we met!

A little over 12 years ago we got engaged on Christmas morning and started planning an August wedding.  2 weeks later we got the shock of our lives, we were going to be teen parents!  Yikes!  Odds were stacked against us of course.  I can’t explain all the emotions we went through for the first months of shock (ok well I got over the shock with in a matter of days but I don’t think Aaron or our parents did).  We moved the wedding up and I got to experience planning a wedding while pregnant.  That was very exhausting and challenging but it turned out perfectly.  Now as I look at my almost 12 year old boy, I cannot imagine not having him in my life.  I also realize now, that the fact that we were teens when we had him, means nothing now.  We’re just parents and no one cares anymore.  I didn’t realize that stigma wouldn’t be hanging over us forever.  

Now we have 4 kids and our own home and our marriage is still strong.  We’ve experienced a lot along the way; financial struggles, deaths of loved ones (both family and friends), ER visits, surgeries, stitches, concussions, vacations, road trips, lots of moving, and lots of positive lifestyle changes. 

I know we’re lucky, I know I AM!  I am not sure sometimes how I got so lucky to have such a good man.  He cooks, cleans, is actively involved with his children EVERY day, is kind, loving, helpful, and selfless.  The Lord has been good to us.  I know I am undeserving of it and yet, The Lord continues to give more.  This is our song: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2Y4NTXT96EM 

Take some time today to be thankful for all you’ve been given, the good and the bad.  I know I forget sometimes just how blessed I am and focus too much on the things that stink.  Life isn’t meant to be perfect here on earth.  This will not last forever and someday we will see glory!  Hug your kids when they are being naughty and remember this is where memories and good stories come from!  – Remind me I said this the next time Matthew does something crazy!  LOL 

Have a great day!

Another Safeway Deal!

Woohoo another awesome deal at Safeway aka


Get Fast $20 Every time you buy 25 or more participating products!  Get Fast $10 every time you buy 15024 participating products, or Get Fast $5 every time you buy 10-14 participating products!  Offer valid 2/13/08-2/28/08.  Coupon provided at checkout valid towards next transaction!  Limit ONE coupon per transaction (that is one of the rewards coupons, not manufacturer’s etc).  Qualifying purchases must be made in a single transaction.  Items are clearly marked through out the store.  Look for sales tags that have a racing flag on them.

Basic run-down:

Buy 25 of the items (rice a roni is one of them and is a 10/$10 deal) so spend $25 and get a $20 off coupon for your next purchase.  Get another 25 qualifying items, use your $20 off coupon and get ANOTHER one!  Keep going!  Use your coupons from the paper, if you don’t have the ones you need, order them (ebay or some of the other great coupon sites)!  Links are in the deals sections.  DON’T FORGET TO DOUBLE YOUR COUPONS (50 cents and under of course)!!

My First Deal Today (all qualifying items):

Betty Crocker Fruit snacks 4 for $5 ($1.25 each) – $0.50/2 off coupon – used 2 of these coupons so $1 each

Pop Secret Popcorn 4/$5 – $0.40 off coupon DOUBLED = $0.86 each

Cheerios – 2/$3 – $1/2 coupon – $1 each box

Other qualifying items (this list is NOT exhaustive, there are over 2,000 qualifying items!)

– Wish bone Salad dressing or spritzer (BOGO – Keep in mind your FREE one does NOT count towards your total items!) – excellent item to have coupon for!
– Capri suns
– Nature Valley Granola Bars
– Hamburger Helper
– Stouffer’s Easy Portions Mac & Cheese
– Kraft Shredded Cheese (not really a great deal!  These cost about $2 at walmart and are $4.79 each at Safeway!)
– Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix
– Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
– Wesson Cooking Oil
– Pillsbury Crescent or cinnamon rolls
– Papetti Eggs
– Oscar Meyer Deli Creations or Fast Franks
_ Gorton’s Seafood Selections
– Country Crock Deluxe Side Dishes
– Safeway Select Mixed Nuts
– Oroweat Bread or hamburger buns
– 6-pack pepsi or 4-pack Tava
– Lay’s Potato Chips
– Tums
– 4-pack red bull
– 12-pack pepsi
– Nabisco 100 calories pack or snackwell’s
– Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers
– Always or tampax pearl
– Pampers Box Diapers
– Gatorade or G2
– Clorox Bleach 2/$3
– Cheer or gain laundry det
– duracell coppertop batteries
– Glad food storage/freezer bags
– Hefty Trash bags


Have fun, save big!  Share the great deals you find!  Especially if you come in with a really low, good price!





Another School Shooting

Reports: At least 18 shot at Illinois university

At least 18 people have been shot at Northern Illinois University outside Chicago, CNN affiliates are reporting. The university has ordered its student body to seek shelter and canceled classes” From cnn.com
My goodness, does it ever end?  It’s so sad that this stuff keeps happening.  I guess if you are truly messed up, this is one way to get the attention you crave and go out famous.  It’s disgusting.   Very sad.  Start praying for these families!

Ahh Sunshine!

The weather has been fantastic the past few days!  I love seeing the sun and being able to let the kids run wild, outside!  They love being able to run, jump, scream, ride bikes, and draw with sidewalk chalk.  It makes things so much more peaceful around here.  Especially with all the sicknesses we’ve had lately.  I’m ready for spring, ready for everyone to be healthy, and ready to be able to travel and do stuff outdoors! 

We’re looking forward to the house projects coming up in the spring.  Hopefully our bedroom will be done and then we will work on a garden area/flower beds and having a patio poured, which Aaron will  make a cover for.  That will be so nice.  No more muddy gross dogs to wipe down several times a day.  It will be nice to have a rain free zone outside for the kids next year.  We will also be putting a furnace in, so no more baseboard heaters (which we don’t use)!

It is looking more and more like we will attend family camp afterall this year!  We are still planning for the big DL trip as well.  Hopefully we don’t have any major setbacks or that will be out.  We’ve out grown our cabin at camp so we are contemplating whether or not we should get a cabin w/o a bathroom (we’ve done it before) or ask for the one we know our friends will want (it’s first come, first served but still). 

I can’t wait to start decorating my bedroom!  I’m going with browns and blues in it.  I designed the closet so that the middle part of the closet is a built in entertainment center.  It will be so fun to curl up with the kids in bed and watch a Disney movie!  Emma will finally have her own bedroom too.  I’m getting tired of sleeping in her room with the pink walls with white daisies stenciled on them 🙂  I had hoped the more I girlified it, the faster Aaron would work!  LOL, didn’t work! 

That’s our life in a nutshell right now.  I hope everyone is doing well and you are getting a piece of the sunshine!