Naked Cats?

I want a naked cat.  Seriously, I’ve always wanted something that would hang around the house and look worse naked then I do!  Think of the art projects the kids could do with a cat they could draw on!  Educational and entertaining all at once, what a deal!  And I could go to church with out looking like something coughed a hairball up on my tights!  Dreams…  Maybe I’ll just shave Oliver and Cleo.  Think they’ll mind?



  1. That is one crazy cat. Half the fun of owning a cat is petting it. But yes, the fur all over the carpets, couches and clothing is a drawback eh? Reminds me of the fake email that went around awhile back with all the painted cats. That was a good one.

  2. Do you remember the Friends episode where Rachel got the naked cat that was SO MEAN?? That was HILARIOUS! BTW this cat scares me….

  3. That is one INTERESTING looking cat.

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