My First Official Blog…

I think I will start my first blog with some really good advice.    Always wash your hands when handling ANY peppers!  What I thought were small yellow bell peppers, were little balls of fire from hades.  My eyes, face, back, scalp, and hands burned with the passion of a blood thirsty tick, when I hopped into the shower directly after I had cut these little sunshine peppers up!  Let’s just say I also gave new meaning to “the burning bush”.  Not pretty.  They certainly rained on my parade for a good hour!  I tried everything I could to cut the pain; milk, washing with soap, aloe vera, and tea.  Nothing really helped.  It had to wear off.  Unless you enjoy that fiery burning sensation, wash up really well!



  1. I, too have had some experience with dried peppers. When I was about five (one of the few memories thata far back) I played with some dried peppers hanging on our porch wall. Then I rubbed my eyes. Oh yeah, what an experience. I also did it once as an adult, but flushing my eyes with lots of water gave some relief. Never had the burning bush experience. You gave Arlene and I a good laugh. Sorry 😦

  2. GREAT ADVICE!!! watch out for those Jalepenos they can kill “the mood” lol

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